Lily's Deliciously Different Day

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About Lily's Deliciously Different Day

Lily wants to be like everyone else, one day she gets her wish and it goes terribly wrong! Lily wakes up and her whole world is the same! Her clothes, the neighborhood, school, activities and even her favorite place – Mrs. Mae’s garden. Finding encouragement from an unlikely source, a hummingbird named Ruby, Lily and her best friend Desi discover that the world is quite dreadful when everything is the same. They discover that it’s not only delicious to be different but the world doesn’t work when everything is the same. 


 You can find Lily at Tallulah Belle/Hess in Lakewood/Dallas,  Chocolate Secrets in Dallas,  The Songbird Society in Dallas,  Norcross Patio in West Palm Beach, Belles & Beaux Children's Shop in Columbus Ohio and of course your local Barnes & Noble.  Contact us to have Lily at your shop.

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Lily's Deliciously Different Day

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Lily's Deliciously Different Day

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Lily's Deliciously Different Day

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Deliciously Different World

Discovering Lily and her Deliciously Different World

Thank you for visiting our page, YNot… is proud to announce our first of many stories about life, "Lily’s Deliciously Different Day!"


Lily was an inspired story, an expression of my heart, and the importance of Lily’s message could not be more timely. Accepting who we are–and in turn, who others are–is the foundation for self-esteem, kindness, compassion and choosing life. 


It was essential that I find the right illustrator to bring Lily to life, someone who felt as called to the story as I was, it took a while but I found more than I could have imagined in Tabitha Bogard! Immediately our hearts and mission aligned. Together we look forward to bringing thoughts and ideas that inspire acceptance, understanding, imagination, and creativity in everyone who interacts with A Deliciously Different World.

We hope you enjoy A Deliciously Different World. Please join us in spreading the word

that our unique differences make us special. We welcome your thoughts, comments and any compelling stories you would like to share.



Yvette and Tabitha

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